Monthly Archives: July 2012

Video and Tutorial Info

So, I’m thinking that I’ll start posting videos of me singing, playing guitar/violin, tutorials on how i do my makeup (its pretty crazy ^^),¬†etc. My video camera is currently, well, a piece of crap. ūüėõ¬†I’ll have to buy a new one; then I can post videos. I’ll need some suggestions on songs to cover, stuff to sing¬†and makeup styles to do. Feel free to msg me on YouTube (CrossCountryKid9098), Demigod Database (Thalia Grace) or even just on HI2! If you’re not on one of those sites, just post a question here in the “questions” area! Yup, its that simple. ^^ My email would be an option except for the fact that its not exactly working right now. :/


Hola, Bonjor and Aloha!

Hey, I finally just sucked it up and made a site! As usual its a big hassle for a little thing. Anywho, I’m glad to have finally started¬†this. I’ve been meaning to for a while… Maybe i’ll start a¬†page just for my¬†videos, one for song ideas, what do you think?

Peace out!
Siilver Poiison