Monthly Archives: August 2012

Weekly Posts

I’ve decided that there will be weekly posts! Whether its something random like me ranting about “omg Adam Gontier is so epic (x3 he is)!” or something important like “I fixed the uploading thing! (Which i have. ^^ Yay!).” So be sure to come on and check for the post. This, by the way, is my post for this week. I’ll get to work on videos and stuff too! ^_^


New Fave Site

Ok, I’m officially obsessed with a new website now. Anyone heard of it? It’s called…*drumroll* Jango! My user is EmoLove but my name on there is the same as here. Siilver Poiison. Check out my page, msg me, friend me, whateves. This place is my new utube. ^^ See, on utube, I have to deal with idiots commenting rudely on songs that are perfectly epic.

Take a look!
Siilver Poiison

New Songs on the Radio

So, I’ve been listening to the radio a lot recently. Mostly just this one station that plays a lot of Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and Seether (yeah, i’m a total Rockaholic). Looking for inparation I guess… anywho, guess who heard the new Three Days Grace song Chalk Outline. DAT ISH RIGHT. Me. X3 I fell in love. Oh, and aside from Chalk Outline being my new favorite song, I have another song I like that’s been playing a lot: Soldiers by Otherwise. I urge you all to check both these songs out. They’re pretty beast!

Ok darlings; stay epic, fight like crazy, and dont forget to wear black eyeliner. Yes. Eyeliner.
~Siilver Poiison

Heart and Soul

I cry because it’s all to real. I cry because it means something to my heart and soul. I cry because it means something to more then just my flesh, blood and bone. It reaches deeper. Farther. into the far reaches of my being, and hits me hard. Yet with a cold touch to numb my pain. It kills and heals at the same time, and I can’t get enough of this healing pain.

Just something someone really smart said. It was some comment on YouTube or whatever. I figured I oughta post it. lol Idk, today’s been boring. xD