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Going Global?

Ok, i’m partial global. Its official!!! I have hits to this site in the USA, England, Scotland, and Australia! I’m pretty sure the site transfers to russian or chinese… but if you have friends in another nation, give them the link! It should come up in their language. What does a keyboard look like in china… Anyways! I want to be fully global! Please help! ^^ Thanks my Siilver Soldiers, ya’ll are some loyal fans!

Siilver Poiison; General of the Siilver Soldiiers, the workers of the Generation Rock.


Good and bad news!

(Yes, this post is late. My apologies.) Good news and bad news. Good news: The uploading system is all better and i can put up pictures and videos. Bad news: my video camera is broken still, and my regualar camera only takes about a minute of video. I’ll probably post some pictures and stuff though. Of myself and other random things. Note: I love photography. I usually come up with weird angles and color distortion. ^-^ It ends up lookng pretty cool!

Dreading the return of school,
Siilver Poiison

Purdy butterfly!  }|{