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Great news guys! I got a black Fender Starcaster electric guitar for christmas! o.o I’m sooo psyched. I also got a 10watt ( i think) amp. So.. tell me your favorite christmas gifts! Either from this year or past years. Or favorite birthday gift, present from a friend, whatever!

Happy holidays guys!


Music Quote

“Music can speak more than anything. Music is full of emotion, stories and rhythms. Music is the truth. I love the pulsing beat, the entrancing rhythm, the energy and the meaning of it all. I love to let it run through me like a river and wash away the pain. Its beautiful, and saving; music has become my everything.”

A cool music quote I found. I just thought I should just put it up. :3

Black Veil Brides

So, if any of you are BVB fans, you share my enthusiasm on this. “IN THE END” IS COMING! Finally, a new album. I’m probably more of a follower than you guys. I admire BVB, as well as KISS, Motley Crue, AC/DC and other bands than Andy and the guys look up to. I’ve been psyching myself out about this then finally… “Duh!! I should make a dang post about it!” So i did. I’m a little late though.. ^^ Gotta say, I’m dying for the tour. I’m doing my best to get parents permission to go. And, maybe I will.


Holiday Stress

So, i’ve been neglecting the site for a while just cause of all the holiday stress thats been going on in my life. For one thing, christmas is coming soon, and i’ve got almost no shopping done. For another, there are a few birthdays in my friend/family life coming up that i also need to shop for, along with school, running a site, etc, its a lot to do. o.o But i’m making this post because…. I WANNA WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years.. they’re all coming! So..

Happy Holidays!

I’ll try to post more,